Maschio Gaspardo TROTTER от ООО "Сабагро"
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Maschio Gaspardo TROTTER

Maschio Gaspardo TROTTER

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TROTTER is an all-purpose machine, perfect always and everywhere: on flat land and on hillsides or piedmont, with all types of fodder, straw and even with twigs (ideal for managing biomasses).
TROTTER is a highly professional machine with an 18-roller fixed chamber. It is especially suited to work in mountain regions or where a small but heavy bale is required. All machine functions can be executed comfortably from inside the cab of the tractor using the electric pushbutton control panel.

Стандартное оборудование

  • 16/18 rolls chamber
  • Compression: mechanical (available with manual adjustment)
  • Constant velocity joint cardan
  • Torque limiter bolt
  • Two jakcs hydraulic lifting pick-up
  • Cutting unit with hydraulic control for Trotter 100 TOPCUT
  • TROTTER 100 power system: rotor
  • TROTTER 100 TOPCUT power system: rotor with 10 blades cut 77 mm
  • Mechanical pressing bale (manual adjustment in 7 positions)
  • PTO free wheel 540 rpm (available with free wheel 540 rpm)
  • Tires: 11.5/80-15,3
  • Tires: 11.5 to 15
  • No. 2 single-acting hydraulic valves are required on the tractor
  • Twine, net or twine+net binding system
  • Bale mechanical press (7 positions manual adjustment)
  • Multi-function electronic control unit
  • Cutting system: “Feraboli cut system”
  • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
  • Bale mechanical press (7 positions manual adjustment)
  • TOPCUT cutting unit: 13 knives, 9 cm cutting length
  • ULTRACUT cutting unit: 25 knives, 4.5 cm cutting length

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