Maschio Gaspardo DUETTO от ООО "Сабагро"
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Maschio Gaspardo DUETTO

Maschio Gaspardo DUETTO

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DUETTO allows you to perform the harvest-baling phase together with the wrapping phase, cutting work time and costs in half. The work cycle is performed automatically. During harvesting and forming of the bale, the rear wrapper wraps and unloads the bale made previously.
To obtain high-quality fodder it must be treated with care. The proof that bales make for high-quality silage is the low ammonia content. To open a bale and to smell the scent of the fodder is a clear indication of its excellent quality.

Стандартное оборудование

  • 18 rolls chamber
  • Compression: mechanical
  • Cutting system: 13 knives “Feraboli Cut System”; cutting
  • length 9 cm
  • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
  • Constant velocity joint cardan
  • Torque limiter bolt
  • Bale press: mechanical (manual adjustment in 7
  • positions)
  • Multi-function electronic control unit
  • Wrappers platform with built-in 3-reel, 2 film winders for
  • 500/750, automatic film cutter
  • Unloading bale mat
  • PTO free wheel 540 rpm
  • Road light
  • Tires: 400/60-15,5 tandem axle
  • Standard bale tying system: net binding
  • No. 2 hydraulic valves, 1 single-acting and 1 “double acting “, are required on the tractor

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